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Technorati claims to be tracking 53.8 million blogs, so I am not exactly a trendsetter in establishing my own blog. But through my years at Catallaxy I can make some claim to be a veteran Australian blogger, and I hope some of the people who read me there might read me here – and that my pro-civility comments policy will encourage ‘lurkers’ who were put off commenting there by the less-than-perfect manners of a few of the regulars to do so here. Aside from that, I expect my posts here to be similar in subject and style to my Catallaxy posts. There are a couple below, one of which is an updated version of a guest post I wrote at Stephen Kirchner’s Institutional Economics.

I’m still struggling with the technology – I have already seen more than my fair share of ‘500 internal server error’ (whatever that means) messages – and haven’t figured out how to get the comments sidebar going. But I hope the site’s appearance will improve over time.

33 thoughts on “Blog number 53,800,001

  1. I’ve just placed this site in my Favourites (under Bloogers – Australian). Looking forward to your posts, Andrew. I’ve noted your comments policy and I will “try” to behave myself – Homer permitting!


  2. This is a further test of your comments field, I do hope it works. If it does, please feel free to delete it in the interests of comments field aesthetics.


  3. Man. You live in Carlton?

    They told me never to go to North Carlton. And I didn’t listen and I regretted it. But they told me never to go to North Fitzroy for much the same reasons.

    Actually the person who told me that probably still lives in Carlton.

    Ex-Rock-Climber extraordinairre Charlie Crease.

    I lived in Carlton for awhile.

    Superb place but for the people.


  4. Nice to see that you have set up a new blog! I am sure that you will be missed at Catallaxy! Look forward to reading your posts!


  5. Good luck Andrew I have always enjoyed – or been stimulated by – your posts – but now another blog to check out! I agree with your views on comments.

    Best wishes, Harry Clarke.


  6. In the old days, people used to have a house-warming party.
    Now it seems we need the institution of a blog-warming party.


  7. Andrew, I’m really glad you struck out on your own. With the rise of RSS, aggregation may not be so necessary.

    A few random suggestions on tech stuff, from someone who probably knows even less html than you.
    * I’d recommend installing the following WordPress plugins: Simple Recent Comments, Subscribe2, Akismet, and WordPress Database Backup.
    * In the header, you might think about more contrasty colours (blue on blue is very royal, but…).
    * Why not just “Andrew Norton”? (‘s blog probably not necessary).
    * Surely we deserve to see a mugshot, so you can be readily identified as you sip your Carlton latte?


  8. Andrew – I notice you have a new mugshot. I should get one , though getting it on the site would give me another technical headache. I will try to do some site upgrading next week and will take the other suggestions into account.


  9. Andrew,

    My apologies for being late to your blog warming (though I did bring champagne!!). You know how pleased I am about this- now I can get my regular fix of analytical views and be outraged at least once a month! I agree with Andrew Leigh about the blue on blue…


  10. Andrew! Nice to see that the move hasn’t slowed up the steady flow of excellent and thoughtful ditties.


  11. Andrew

    The civility policy is essential – many sites like this are blocked by non-personally owned computers (such as the one I am compelled to use), because some ##%^$&# cannot refrain from using coarse language.

    Please continue !


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