How the Greens are turning me into a tree-hugger

It’s enough to turn me into a tree-hugger. Melbourne City Council – having already killed the gums along the middle of my street in an unnecessary and bungled road repavement – is now planning to get rid of Melbourne’s beautiful European trees, on the grounds that they use too much water. Personally, I’d be quite happy to pay higher rates to set up a water recycling scheme if there is genuinely a problem here. And who is leading the charge on this crazy policy? It’s the Green councillor Fraser Brindley. The irony! What finally turns me into a politicised nature-lover is a Green plan for environmental destruction. For my fellow residents of inner Melbourne, remember that on November 25 the Greens have a chance of winning the seats of Melbourne and Richmond. Put them last!

55 thoughts on “How the Greens are turning me into a tree-hugger

  1. Sasha – I’m pretty sure the earth is a closed system but didn’t want to derail the discussion with the possibility that some minute amounts boil off into space. I’m not suggesting the government cut down non-natives, or let them die etc. What I am saying is that it’s not unreasonable for government to prefer natives to non-natives, and to plant natives in future and not plant non-natives. In the same way the NSW government only serves NSW grown wine at its functions etc.


  2. Caz – I’m not sure about that. The Age editorial spoke of trees planted as part of a war memorial – it would be an outrage if they were to die and Cr Brindley acknowledges that. He does, however, leave the question of other non-natives open.


  3. Caz – I had not seen that letter, thanks. Despite this and the other contributions to this thread, I am still of the view that all the European trees should still be watered.


  4. Perhaps a new blog description is in order? Maybe “Andrew Norton: Still Carlton’s lone classical liberal, but now also one of its many tree hugging environmental activists”?!!! Do you see yourself chainning yourself to a tree to prevent it being chopped down? It’d make great tv footage!!!


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