Beauty in politics

According to a paper released today (pdf) by Andrew Leigh and Amy King, better-looking election candidates receive slightly more votes than unattractive election candidates.

Being good-looking is not, however, always a benefit in politics. In the beauty ratings, Ross Cameron did considerably better than most other male politicians. Unfortunately, perhaps, this also made him attractive to women other than his wife, eventually leading Genevieve Cameron to chuck him out of the house during the 2004 election campaign. Julie Owens, rated as OK by the beauty panel, took his place in Parliament.

It’s hard to imagine too many women throwing themselves at Australia’s least-attractive MP, Labor’s Dick Adams, which should save him from at least one type of political scandal.

19 thoughts on “Beauty in politics

  1. What breed of heartless mongrels were surveyed for this study? They’d stone Santa Claus in the street if they couldn’t warm to Dick Adams jolly smile.


  2. ……despite my politics I’d rather have a beer with Dick Adams any day. And Cameron looks smarmy in the photo provided !


  3. I think Cameron looks a bit nerdy (no offence Andrew!!). I used to think John Anderson was pretty suave. And Julia G is not looking too bad these days, although she seems to change her hairstyle thrice daily.


  4. Julia G can be quite fetching, actually. However I think that has nowt to do with the reason she is Deputy Opposition Leader !


  5. “And Julia G is not looking too bad these days, although she seems to change her hairstyle thrice daily. ”

    Apparently her boyfriend is a hairdresser 🙂


  6. I’m surprised Cameron rated so high. His lips are too thin. I know women tend to go for juicy lips. Thin lips make a man look cruel.


  7. Forde is a South East Qld sunshine coast seat and will vote liberal if the candidate is halfway credible. But we should wish Ms Ban well, nonetheless.


  8. If I used a correation like this in natural sciences, I would be ridiculed right away. A classical example of dubious research, in my view.


  9. “Where women are attracted to prominent male politicians, it is usually related to their power, influence and status rather than appearence.”

    Well, as a Labor backbencher Adams should be pretty safe on these grounds as well.


  10. Forde runs from Eagleby to Beaudesert south of Brisbane. The National Party won’t win it – it’s a Lib versus Labor seat and is currently very safe for the Libs.


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