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I’ve had several reports now, most recently from Boris, that my blog is being blocked by work web filters as being a sex site. Websense is at least one of the culprits.

Though I realise it is going to be hard for employees to complain that they are not being permitted to waste work time reading my blog, does anyone know if there is a way of appealing against incorrect classifications?

5 thoughts on “Blog block

  1. From reading the Websense site, it seems they’ve recently upgraded their product to give corporate users the power to target and restrict social networking sites. I suspect your site is caught up in that, and that the reported “sex” tag is a casual mis-labelling by foreign IT staff at the user organisation.

    If that’s so, your options are limited. The problem is with the way this and similar products are being configured by IT departments. For your blog to become accessible again, staff within the organisation would have to request it.

    On the other hand, if the blocking is centrally managed, then you could contact Websense directly. They usually have processes to manually review blocking lists.


  2. Waste time!!!!

    Hey here we are talking about issues of great moment.

    In my job I read at least 20 blogs to keep on top of what is happening and what may happening.

    This is one. This ain’t wasting time young Andrew.


  3. I have no problem asking my IT department to investigate. How would they know if I need this for work?

    Actually, I do not usually try to read Andrew’s blog at work. However I do connect to my work computer from home, and then get this message from Websense. I visit various blogs and this is the only one that is blocked.


  4. What BBCL said. Obviously, I can still access this blog. But if I couldn’t, I would argue that a valuable source of work-related information and opinion was being denied me.


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