Should workers support using fiscal policy against inflation?

The Australian Workers’ Union commissioned Roy Morgan Research to conduct a poll on the idea that half Labor’s promised tax cuts should be diverted to superannuation.

As in the Galaxy poll of Queenslanders a couple of weeks earlier, a bit over a third of voters wanted the tax cuts in full. In the Galaxy poll, 55% wanted all the tax cuts to be put into superannuation. In the Morgan Poll, 50% wanted the money to be split half each between tax cuts and superannuation.

According to AWU National Secretary Paul Howes:

The poll shows voters are economically literate, and politically sophisticated enough to understand that in the fight against inflation and rising interest rates the option of increased superannuation rather than tax dollars in the pocket is smart stuff.

But should workers really be so keen on establishing the idea that budgetary policy should be used to combat inflation? As RBA Governor Glenn Stevens pointed out in a recent speech:
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