One in five conditionally support climate change policy

Not for the first time, inadequate presentation of a Climate Institute survey makes it hard to interpret the results.

Their latest online Auspoll survey asks the important question of whether people believe that ‘turmoil in financial markets’ means that government ‘should delay action on climate change’. The results are agree 22%, disagree 36%, and ‘no real opinion’ 16%. What the other 26% thought is not explained, though it may be that they have dropped the ‘strongly agree’ from the table. If that’s the case, 62% disagree.

The 22% matches the approximately one in five in other polling who favour a strategic approach to climate change abatement which is dependent on general conditions.

3 thoughts on “One in five conditionally support climate change policy

  1. Speaking as an agnostic on the science of climate change, the case for skepticism looks better all the time and it will be interesting to see how long it takes for a critical mass of public opinion to build up and challenge the bipartisan political mantra that the science debate is over.


  2. Looking at the graphs, the data are frankly unbelievable. They would make sense if the numbers were reversed – as indeed is the first impression from reading the questions at the top and then looking at the bars below. The initial expectation is that the top bars (light blue) correspond to the top question (A): Government should delay action..etc.
    Do we know that Auspoll is independent or do they draw from some biased sample of greens? I don’t want to believe that 1000 voters drawn at random would be so unrealistic and misinformed!


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