PJ O’Rourke finally coming to Australia

I first came across PJ O’Rourke in 1987, via an hilarious review of a book by Jimmy Carter in the American Spectator (then a witty Tory magazine, not the Clinton-hating rag it became in the 1990s). Vindicating his harsh judgment, the Carter book now sells second-hand for $3.98. This review led me to his also-hilarious Republican Party Reptile and many other good books over more than 20 years.

He’s finally coming to Australia, a little later than originally planned via cancer treatment, to give the annual CIS John Bonython Lecture.

He’ll speak in Sydney on 21 April and in Perth on 28 April. I’m not sure if I have any New Zealand readers, but he will speak in Auckland on 30 April. (For east coast Australian readers with lots of frequent flyer points, note the arbitrage opportunity in the Auckland dinner.)

9 thoughts on “PJ O’Rourke finally coming to Australia

  1. Ought to have checked that:) At least PJ’s book is still in print after 22 years.

    Curious economics of second-hand books – there would be lots of copies of PJ’s book in print which would have a depressing effect on prices, but I would not have thought it worth selling for that much. Even if the $0.45 is pure profit it could hardly justify shelf space.


  2. There was probably a production run of three Carter books purchased by the family members meanwhile Reptile was a best seller.

    Tim Lambert thinks that wouldn’t matter of course seeing that he thinks there were 7.8 billion Iraqi war dead according to Lancet despite the study being disowned.


  3. As always you need to double check what Tim Lambert says.

    Compare condition of books.

    Like New Carter sells for $3.99

    Used – Like New for $3.98

    Just incredible.


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