Educational Standards Institute

In the Des Moore model of one-man think-tanks, Kevin Donnelly has established the Educational Standards Insitute.

I’ve had my disagreements with Kevin in the past, since the conservative ‘standards’ approach easily turns into top-down bureaucratic control of schools. The Coalition-backed national curriculum is an example of how this line of thinking ends in what is likely to be a policy disaster in the long term.

Still, Kevin has had many sensible things to say about the unhappy results of ‘progressive’ education, and I wish this new think-tank well.

2 thoughts on “Educational Standards Institute

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for mentioning the new education think-tank. Over the years I have changed my views about the best way to strengthen education and the work of schools. In the past I have argued for a national curriculum – but, with the provision that schools be allowed to implement the state mandated one or equivalent.

    I am opposed to the Rudd Government forcing their agenda on schools by linking implementation to funding, as they are now doing with the national curriculum and all the COAG partnership agreements. The closer decision making is to the local level the better – schools should have the autonomy, flexibility and resources to control their own destiny and best reflect the needs of their communities. In the forthcoming book, ‘Australia’s Education Revolution’ I argue for choice, diversity, autonomy and competition in education. Let the market work.


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