Greg Sheridan lecture at Melbourne Uni – tonight (Wednesday)

This year’s Alfred Deakin Lecture is being given by The Australian‘s Greg Sheridan.

The title is ‘The Death of Multilateralism and the Crisis of Global Goverance’.

It’s free and open to the public.

Location: JH Mitchell Theatre,
Richard Berry Building,
University of Melbourne
(campus map here)
Date: Wednesday, 19 May 2010
Time: 6.30pm

4 thoughts on “Greg Sheridan lecture at Melbourne Uni – tonight (Wednesday)

  1. Sadly, was unable to attend.
    Am looking forward to having a read of it in the coming days.


  2. To be a pedant, I hope his speech was better than his article in last weekend’s Australian on David Cameron in which he made a clear factual error which wasn’t picked up before publication (I acknowledge it was only tangential to his article).

    He wrote that Scotland, which lives as a “socialist dependency” and overwhelmingly votes Labour, has 99 seats in the UK House of Commons, far in excess of its entitlement to seats in terms of population. Of course Scotland only has 59 seats (down from 72 from before 2005). On estimates of mid-2008 population that is 4 more than it should. Greg should have directed his attention to Wales, which has 40 seats when it should have 32 on a population basis and also strongly votes Labour.

    Just annoyed at such an obvious error.


  3. Precise number of seats aside, surely it would be a sensible Tory strategy to let Scotland be independent. It would save a fortune and get rid of a significant number of Labor seats. Independence for Tasmania too….


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