Family finances under the ‘new familism’

The IPA Review has published an article by me on what I call the ‘new familism’. The article tracks how since the 1970s the left and right have each developed their own ideologies of the family. Despite significant differences of intellectual justification and policy detail, left and right converge on significantly increased state support for people with children.

The table below from the latest HILDA statistical report highlight just how much those with dependent children improved their financial position in the 2000s.

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Crean on VCs

New education minister Simon Crean is a man with experience in the job, having been the minister from 1993 to the Howard government’s election in 1996.

According to an article Lauchlan Chipman wrote for Quadrant in 2000, this left Crean with a certain impression of the Vice-Chancellors:

Of course I cannot verify the truth of this claim. But if true it suggests that VCs will face a sceptical minister.