54 thoughts on “Howard Derangement Syndrome a lasting condition

  1. Jason, I said ‘Thatcher told Reagan his invasion of Grenada was illegal so maybe you ere wrong’
    so amongst other things you cannot read.

    Really stop taking those catallaxy stupid pills.

    you are now avoiding the point again.

    The UN did not invade Iraq the US , UK, Spain and Australia did.

    Each time you attempt to make a point it is rather easily dismissed.
    Even the alliance is a furphy as the Anzus treaty is only invoked if a country is attacked such as 11/9.

    If Bush and co attempted to blackmail us via the alliance in insisting we go then the alliance is completely devalued.

    and by the way did you ever attempt to think why a bloke called Hans Blix was there and what he concluded.

    and after all this I do believe we can conclude Andrew was wrong the Alliance reason for invading Iraq was made well after the event.

    It was never made before the event.


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