Continuing blog problems

The complaints continue to flow about the blog’s unreliability – though it is there most of the time (or at least most times I check) it is regularly either very slow or won’t load at all.

I have complained to Yahoo about it twice but cannot get any useful advice.

This URL often works better than

And often if you have a url to a particular post it will work when will not.

I will change hosts next week when I am less busy, but my reason for not doing so before has been uncertainty about where the problem is. is a domain I bought from Planet Domain, and when I set up my blog I re-directed it to Yahoo. I am ignorant of technical matters, but it seems intuitively plausible that the problem could be at the Planet Domain rather than Yahoo end. As it is a big hassle to change hosts I have been reluctant to do so without strong grounds for believing that it will actually fix the problem.