Continuing blog problems

The complaints continue to flow about the blog’s unreliability – though it is there most of the time (or at least most times I check) it is regularly either very slow or won’t load at all.

I have complained to Yahoo about it twice but cannot get any useful advice.

This URL often works better than

And often if you have a url to a particular post it will work when will not.

I will change hosts next week when I am less busy, but my reason for not doing so before has been uncertainty about where the problem is. is a domain I bought from Planet Domain, and when I set up my blog I re-directed it to Yahoo. I am ignorant of technical matters, but it seems intuitively plausible that the problem could be at the Planet Domain rather than Yahoo end. As it is a big hassle to change hosts I have been reluctant to do so without strong grounds for believing that it will actually fix the problem.

5 thoughts on “Continuing blog problems

  1. Just transfer the domain at the yahoo store.. It should be seamless
    Leave the hosting with yahoo.
    It is probably a directing problem by the sounds of it.

    I started some of Melbourne’s bigger web media providers with their 1st computer and training, so you are going right back to the source here rather than outsourcing to Banglore.


  2. I’m not convinced that the problem is at the Planet Domain end.

    If it’s true that pointing to a specific page works better than pointing to the bare URL, then it may be an Apache or htaccess problem. This is something that Yahoo! should be able to investigate for you, as their server will have logs that they can analyse to see whether there’s a bottleneck somewhere.


  3. The problem has nothing to do with PlanetDomain. All they do is purchase the domain from the registry (in this case Afilias), and store the names of your nameservers ( in Afilias’s database. Yahoo’s nameservers are working correctly, as far as I can see. They offer a number of IP addresses to find your site (all 68.142.212.*), which seem to work when I test them, but that doesn’t rule out a problem. It is almost certainly either a network configuration error or a webserver error at Yahoo’s end – if your findings regarding the urls are correct the latter is more probable.


  4. At the consumer end here the index.php route into the website is down when the .info route does not work..
    the specific articles also dont work if .info is down.

    from where i am sitting it looks like a directing error.
    transfer domain to yahoo to sync them up would be my advice, then you can just deal with yahoo if there are further problems.
    Or go to the IT department at unimelb and get them to monitor it, and give you specifics. you do discuss matters relating to their future here, so they should be glad to help unless of course they have been toking on the left.


  5. Complete email server collapse a week before the start of term at University of Melbourne.
    Many students not knowing what classes they are in etc..
    No wonder you outsource your IT queries.


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