As Andrew’s longtime webhost I thought I should let you all know I’ll be moving this site to a new server in the coming week.

Andrew has been volunteered by yours truly to be the first guinea pig for a blogging service I am putting together aimed at Australian bloggers. This is not quite an official announcement as I am still ironing out various tedious kinks, but in the coming weeks and months I hope to bring some more ozbloggers on board before opening it up to the public.

You will almost certainly experience disruption as a consequence. Probably the biggest change you’ll see is that the /blog/ hanging off the URL will get dropped, as it’s vestigial. Existing links should continue to work as I will be putting a redirection script in place to handle the required black magic.

Another thing that will probably happen is that I will have to disable comments while dumping and reloading the database, to ensure nobody’s gems go missing in the transition.

That’s it for now. See you all on the other side.

3 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Will you re-post that magnificent cartoon where the computer-guy says after 13 hours “I’ll be happy to have it working the same way it used to?”, or something similar?


  2. Aren’t tedious kinks *features* of the Australian blogosphere?
    Good luck JC and AN. I’ll make sure to get the new feed for my reader if it changes location.


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