The move has not been successful; or at least, not very smooth.

The original plan was to fold into the parent installation, but two days of fighting like cats and dogs with WordPress has taken about a year off my life.

Anyway, I’ve put Andrew’s site on a standalone installation for the moment. At least it’s nice and quick and the URLs look nicer.

4 thoughts on “Bah

  1. NPOV – As you have guessed, your comments from yesterday weren’t deliberately deleted. Indeed, the problem last night was that I could not login, and so could not post or do anything else other than what normal commenters could do.

    And yes the missing ‘www’ is a problem – anyone who uses links or bookmarks including ‘www’ to get to the site will get an error message.

    But I am sure Jacques needs some sleep! Site traffic is well down on public holidays in any case.


  2. I’ve added an A record for www. to catch people coming in on that, it should be active in the next few hours. In any case the vhost configuration strips it off with an internal rewrite.

    By cleaner urls I mean that I’ve removed ‘/blog/’, which was a vestige of Andrew’s original hosting arrangement at Yahoo. The web server does a redirection, so in theory smart clients and search engines will update their internal settings. More importantly, existing URLs pointing to the site should still work too.

    Some comments went astray in the move, about which I am very sorry and take full responsibility.


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