Engineering student, 19, only person making sense

There are plenty of VSU stories in the papers this morning – eg here, here, and here. But only when The Australian went and did a campus vox pop, instead of asking established players to recycle their arguments, did someone point out the obvious solution:

…engineering student Phuong Nguyen, 19, said that although she did not mind paying the extra money, she did not see why campus services should be paid for separately, because “they might as well put up the uni fees”.

Indeed, they might as well.

3 thoughts on “Engineering student, 19, only person making sense

  1. “Indeed, they might as well.”

    Which is exactly what will happen if it gets knocked back in the senate. The government could allow this by regulation. Barnaby Joyce has said he will support the bill, but he’s not exactly Mr Reliable.

    But then this is why the Liberals will support the bill. The alternative will be that students pay the money anyway, with no restrictions on how it can be spent (abortions for the PLO etc).

    Not bad eh? The Government snookers the Opposition yet again.

    The 70s have been over for a long time now. Won’t someone please tell the Liberal Party?


  2. I could care less what Uni’s charge or how their funding is structured, as long as they’re not all the same. Surely we should be able to choose Uni’s that provide less services and in turn pay less, or vice versa.


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