Crook analysis of think-tanks, #2

According to Crikey hack Andrew Crook

Another Thornley backed outfit, PerCapita, conceived as a direct competitor to free market think tanks like the IPA and the CIS, has been more active in recent months with ex-Latham staffer Michael Cooney regularly hitting the airwaves to take on its scorched earth rivals.

But as I reported on this blog, Cooney has left Per Capita, and has been working in Canberra for someone else since early December last year – over the few months in which Crook thinks he has been regularly hitting the airwaves.

Don’t believe anything you read about think-tanks in Crikey. They are just making it up.

8 thoughts on “Crook analysis of think-tanks, #2

  1. Oh, give him some marks for style … I was quite entertained by his piece in New Matilda yesterday on Rudd’s essay – “All the nation needs is a nerd from Nambour …… “


  2. Marks wrote re Rudd’s polemic:
    ‘However for people whose primary focus is on economics — people who have read countless earlier repetitions of this “Third Way” argument in trade/development/policy journals over the past 20 years — the typical response is, “so what’s new?”‘
    More to the point, what is true? This was a question that the folk on Club Troppo managed to sidestep.


  3. Well, that’s about the most conclusive example you’ll see of what the kids these days call ‘pwnage’. Nicely done, Andrew (Norton, not Crook).


  4. G’day Andrew,

    David Hetherington just popped in to my Canberra office and I was reminded that you’d posted about our current status.

    Just to clarify, I’m now a Research Fellow with Per Capita – along with Dennis Glover who your readers would be familiar with (and who was recently in the Oz again).

    Two new Project Leaders are starting with Per Capita this month – watch that space.

    See you soon.



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