‘High-minded’ excuses for partisan self-interest

From the Sunday Age this morning:

A Labor source said the reforms to boost the taxpayer-funded contribution were needed because political parties around the country ”are broke”.

”It’s being put in high-minded terms, but Labor federally is $8 million in debt, and Rudd refuses to fund-raise. State branches are also in a parlous state.”

Indeed. I fear that academic supporters of electoral law reform are being taken for a ride, providing ‘high-minded’ justifications for electoral law reforms that are, as they almost always are, grubby exercises in partisan self-interest.
Also in the Sunday Age, Chris Berg emphasises that big government is the root cause of the political donations issue.

One thought on “‘High-minded’ excuses for partisan self-interest

  1. Heaven forbid that they should actually roll up their sleeves and go out to sign up new members! Easier simply to treat the Commonwealth Treasury as a party political slush fund.


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