Visiting classical liberal to defend migration in Carlton

I’m not sure that Carlton’s lone classical liberal has many Carlton readers (Alex Willemyns is one of the few), but someone has asked me to promote a local event, a debate on immigration on Thursday night.

It features prominent Catallaxy blogger Sinclair Davidson and ‘Arthur Dent’, previously known as Albert Langer, who was an (in)famous Monash University left-wing radical in the Vietnam War era. They were still talking about him nearly 20 years later when I was a student there.

In one of the interesting political role reversals of the last 15 years, the right will support more migration and the left will oppose it.

6 thoughts on “Visiting classical liberal to defend migration in Carlton

  1. From where I sit, both the Left and Right have their pro- and anti- immigration factions. In the Left, there tend to be supporters of immigration on social justice / universality grounds, and opposition based on environmental concerns. In the Right, there are economic / business immigration supporters and cultural conservative opponents.


  2. Arthur Dent (Albert Langer) will be supporting more immigration at the debatedebate on August 12.

    He will be closer to Sinclair Davidson than to any of the other participants, despite still regarding himself as a left wing radical.

    He doesn’t think it’s left-wing to argue for sustainability and against growth. So it looks to be an interesting debate!

    Dent/Langer is not only well known for his activities at Monash years ago, but for the Langer vote , over which he was jailed during the 1996 election and declared a political prisoner by Amnesty International.


  3. Langer’s life has been a tragic waste. An immensely intelligent man, he spent it working as a clerk at Australia Post and pursuing eccentric political causes. To do this when you are 20 is understandable, even admirable. To continue doing it for 40 years is just sad.


  4. I’d expect Langer to be pro-immigration as confirmed by Kerry.

    One good thing about old fashioned Marxists as compared to their morose, life denying new leftist green obsessed cousins is that they are still pro-growth in all respects.


  5. a bit sloppy there, Andrew. It should have been obvious that Langer will be supporting immigration, and that one’s position on immigration. If the organisers had included say a One Nation or National party rp, it would have made clear that the Right is as split as the left on the issue


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